Is Organic Food Better for you?

What is Organic Food?

Organic is a system of farming and food production. It embraces the production of high-quality food, using methods that benefit the entire ecosystem-people, animals, plants and the planet.

Why eat organic food?

Who wants to pee out pesticides? Makes you feel uneasy even thinking about it. Motivations to eat organic food include the potential health benefits, avoiding pesticides and eating more nutritious foods. But there are additional benefits to eating organic food. Wildlife flourishes, farmers benefit with less exposure to chemicals and animals are treated more humanely. Organic practices help to create sustainable farming, which benefits the environment and our fragile planet.

Avoid chemicals by eating organic

The chemicals used in conventional but not organic farming include synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, weedkillers and antibiotics. Public opinion is focused on the safety and the impact pesticides and weed killers have both on us and the environment. 1 Organic biopesticides are allowed in some organic foods and they may have their own potential for harm.

Improved Nutrition with Organic

Organic food is more nutritious than conventional food. There is an increase in micronutrients, which include polyphenols and omega-3s with healthier fat profiles in organic animal products. 3,5

Better Health with Organic

There is yet no consensus on the overall health benefits of organic foods.5,8 Conflicting results mean that the experts disagree, and this has allowed the argument between organic versus conventional food to continue. But gradually, evidence as to the benefit of organic food is emerging, the tide is turning, and it is time to have another look.

Reduction of Cancer Risk

Cancer, a leading cause of death worldwide is increasing, and the rates are rising. External agents, such as chemical carcinogens are recognised to be a major factor in the development of certain cancers.

Reduction of Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic syndrome is a constellation of disorders of your body chemicals, leading to long-term ill-health. It is associated with belly fat and predisposes to diabetes, heart disease and dementia. A useful test for metabolic syndrome is the hip/waist ratio, which you can check using the calculator on our website.


Recent studies have contributed hugely to the existing knowledge of the benefits of organic food. 8–10 It has been shown that better health is associated with eating organic food, with reduced risk of overall cancer and metabolic diseases. These conditions are the scourges of the modern world and a switch to organic might save us all and our beautiful planet. Some people argue that organic farming and organic food is not worth the additional cost. We think that polluting our bodies, animals and the planet with chemicals is a cost, disease is a cost; spread the word, go organic.

  • Organic food is free from synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and weedkillers
  • Organic farming is a system of farming where the whole ecosystem benefits
  • The heart of organic farming is soil preservation
  • There is conflicting scientific data as to the health benefits of organic food
  • A recent study large population study has shown health benefits of organic food versus conventional food
  • Eating organic food compared to conventional food has been shown to reduce the rate of overall cancer, metabolic syndrome, and the pesticide chemicals in urine
  • More research is needed to support the health benefits of organic food


1. European Environment Agency. Late Lessons from early Warnings: Science, Precaution, Innovation: European Environment Agency: Copenhagen, Danmark, 2013.



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